the team


Katharine Heller

Founder/Owner/Senior Producer/Lead Editor and Sound Engineer/Consultant/VP of Office Coffee Relations/Headphone Enthusiast

Katharine is now in her 6th year of producing podcasts. She is the host/editor/producer of Tell The Bartender (featured on NPR's Guide To Great Podcasts, named one of the 10 best podcasts in NYC), and the co-host/editor/co- producer of The Struggle Bus Podcast: Self-Care, Mental Health and Other Hilarious Stuff. Katharine is an actor, writer, playwright, storyteller and voiceover artist, and has been seen/heard on various TV and radio commercials. She is an ensemble member of the award winning theater company The New York Neo-Futurists where you can find her most weekends onstage being artsy af. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, petting your dog on the street, making personalized action figures for friends and ice skating.


Allison Kilkenny

Senior Producer/Editor/Consultant/Social Media Maven

Allison has been podcasting professionally for over 10 years, starting as the co-host/editor/producer of the hugely popular news show Citizen Radio, and just launched her solo podcast Light Treason News. She has extensive experience in social media strategy, building listenership and guest booking. Past notable people on her shows include Noam Chomsky, Rachel Maddow, Talib Kweli and Glenn Greenwald. As a journalist she's written for The Nation, LA Times, The Huffington Post and has appeared on Democracy Now! and several MSNBC shows. G. Gordon Liddy once told Allison on Twitter that her writing "makes him want to vomit".  She released her first book Newsfail: Climate Change, Feminism, Gun Control, and Other Fun Stuff We Talk About Because Nobody Else Will in 2014. Allison is also a TV, film and sketch comedy writer, and performs regularly at the prestigious UCB theater in New York City where she is a member of the improv team Promises

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Anthony Sertel Dean

Senior Editor and Sound Engineer/ Composer/Expert Snack Curator

Anthony is a sound artist, composer, and theater designer based in New York. His work has been heard on stage, on screen, and on the air waves with WQXR and New Sounds from New York Public Radio. He is also the technical director for the award-winning theater company The New York Neo-Futurists, and the technical manager / podcast producer for The Tank. Anthony’s favorite sound is frying food. For more on Anthony, visit




Christopher DeSantis

Producer/Editor and Sound Engineer/Adequate Pasta Cooker

Christopher is a drama student currently enrolled at NYU Tisch. He is involved in the Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, and most recently performed in When We Were Young and Unafraid at The Robert Moss Theater this past spring. Christopher has worked with The New York Neo-Futurists and interned for Nivedita Kulkarni as a sketch writer. In his free time Christopher loves to explore New York, sample burger joints, and run.


Sara Caplan

Creative/Story Editor, Content Writer

Sara is the first member of The Podcast Shop PIBESPI (Paid Intern Because Everyone Should Pay Interns) Program. She hails from New York City and currently studies History and Education at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Sara is the founder of an English Language Learner mentoring group in Brunswick and has participated in and led programs on education in developing countries and immigrant and refugee education. She also illustrates (predominantly old white men) for her school news paper. In her free time Sara enjoys soccer, rock climbing, reading the first chapter of ten different books, and secretly running her college's Facebook account called "Bowdoin Cheesefacts" (shhhh!!!), where she posts facts about cheese.